Segal McCambridge’s IT development team builds a custom extranet for each of its clients to help them store data, organize and calendar deadlines, and correctly bill hours. Clients can help create their own extranet, selecting any information they choose to include for easy access for them and their attorneys. Stored data can range from filing dates to hot docs to medical record and depositions. Clients can even select customizable email billing through their extranet site.

The extranet team is made up of individuals with more than a decade of experience with law firms and their clients; people who understand the unique needs of the businesses Segal McCambridge works with.

The extranets our clients use are fast, flexible and customizable to each company’s specific needs.  Segal McCambridge’s IT development team has worked to make the extranets’ mobile version more accessible and user friendly so that our clients can access information about their ongoing cases from nearly anywhere.