Litigation Support

Document Review and Management

Segal McCambridge offers its clients a hybrid approach to document review and management—clients can opt to have their documents managed in-house by our experienced team of litigation support specialists, or use a third-party vendor supervised by our team.

Our litigation support specialists host more than 40 databases of client documents, each holding the details of thousands of pages. They also know when to reach out to an outside vendor to ensure a client’s document management needs are met. Because so much of Segal McCambridge’s document management is completed in house, minimal cost is passed on to the client.

Many of our staff members have extensive legal backgrounds and are educated as paralegals, certified in e-discovery and have comprehensive social media training.

Trial Support

Segal McCambridge’s litigation support staff provides the technology our clients need to present evidence in a courtroom setting. We offer the latest in display technology, using touch-screen monitors and iPads instead of the traditional projectors and screens. Our staff attends more than 50 trials per year and has extensive experience setting up and navigating trial presentations, allowing our attorneys to focus on their arguments rather than the technology needed to present them.

From e-discovery through verdict, Segal McCambridge’s litigation support specialists help our attorneys add value for our clients.