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Diversity & Inclusion

Mission Statement

Segal McCambridge is committed to a diversified workplace and providing opportunities to all our employees regardless of race, gender, religion or lifestyle. Diversity is an integral element of professional excellence – it allows us to communicate with clients, juries and the public in a manner that reflects the various cultures, backgrounds and values of the American mosaic. Diversity also promotes a healthy workplace and we believe that in order to best represent the interests of our clients who also come from different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles and belief systems, we should hire, develop, retain and promote attorneys and staff reflecting those differences. We further believe that diversity in the workplace encompasses a firm culture that recognizes and appreciates the differences in each of our experiences and viewpoints.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is represented by members from several of our offices, including the following:



The Diversity & Inclusion Committee meets monthly to monitor and discuss the implementation of policies that address the issues of recruiting, retaining and promoting qualified attorneys in all offices with the goal of increasing the diversity of the firm. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee also ensures policies are implemented and actively promoted throughout the firm, which include increased participation in community involvement, attorney development and pro bono work. The Committee also concentrates on proactively searching for new opportunities and approaches to promoting diversity within the firm.