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Arturo M. Aviles is a senior of counsel attorney and mediator in the Austin office of Segal McCambridge. He is an experienced counselor and litigator. He has represented a …

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COVID-19: Coverage Impact for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurers

As the world  responds to the current coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19, insurance companies will now, more than ever, be looked upon to respond to the widespread impact on businesses in all industries, including the impact on employees, their families and customers. It is a virtual certainty that in the coming days and months, employers will face an avalanche of claims relating to exposure to COVID-19. Those employers may look to their Workers Compensation and Employers Liability policies for coverage. Part One of a standard Workers Compensation policy provides coverage for an employer's statutory liabilities under workers compensation law, while Part Two provides coverage for liabilities arising out of employees' job-related injuries that are not otherwise covered under workers compensation law(s). More »

Litigation is Expensive; Consider Mediation Instead.


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Resolving disputes through litigation is expensive. Often, the cost of lawyers and court-costs can exceed the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. These potentially astronomical costs can leave litigants feeling dissatisfied with the outcome and financially strained. An alternative and cost-effective way to resolve disputes is mediation. More »

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