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In Defense of Long-Term Care Facilities: Immunity, and What to do if There is Not Any

COVID-19 cast the entirety of the healthcare system into uncertainty. This is acutely evident in the long-term care setting, where per capita fatality rates remain high. The reasons? (1) The elderly and those with underlying health conditions are most susceptible to severe illness from COVID-19; and (2) those in close quarters, unable or unwilling, to observe social distance parameters, are also at increased risk. When you combine those two risk factors in one setting, this explains the reason that long-term care facilities were, and continue to be, hard hit by COVID-19.  More »

Malpractice Mitigation: Utilizing Professional Standards as a Defense to Claims of Negligence in Epidemic/Pandemic Events

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been one constant--uncertainty. What we think we know is in a state of flux as we gain more and more first-hand knowledge of how the virus operates. This, understandably, leads to confusion in which our understanding of how to stay healthy and safe remains somewhat illusive, for both medical professionals and laypeople alike. There is a daily sea of information and sound bites provided by the media, elected officials, and local and national health professionals; information that is sometimes contradictory. Medical professionals must wade through information daily in order to improve upon the practice and treatment of their ill patients. This begs an important question: What does it mean to the medical professional providing critically-needed medical services when the typical best practice "rules," protocols and standards simply do not fully exist yet due to the "novel" nature of COVID-19?

            While the potential for liability exists for all physicians on a day-to-day basis, this potential increases exponentially with the onset of an epidemic, pandemic or the occurrence of a disaster, whether natural or manmade and even more so when that pandemic involves a new and novel pathogen. For the purposes of this article, the authors focus exclusively on the potential liability borne by physicians and other medical professionals during those times in which their patients are exposed to and/or infected by a disease due to an epidemic/pandemic event such as the present novel COVID-19 crisis. More »

Staying Afloat: Berthing a Liability Defense to COVID-19 Claims

Cruise lines are once again in the line of fire as another pathogen wreaks havoc around the globe. As the number of COVID-19 (otherwise known as the “Coronavirus”) infections accelerates globally, the cruise industry may be one of the virus’ largest victims. At present the Grand Princess, which has been on lockdown is set to dock in California, after which its passengers will be transported and quarantined at a military facility as a result of the positive Coronavirus findings onboard. Meanwhile, a second Princess cruise ship—the Caribbean Princess will remain anchored offshore of Fort Lauderdale until further notice while two crew members are tested for the Coronavirus. The Regal Princess was finally allowed to dock in Fort Lauderdale after two of its crew tested negative for the virus. More »

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