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Limitations for Policyholders Seeking Coverage in Employment-Related BIPA Cases

Numerous lawsuits have arisen in Illinois recently under Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (“BIPA”), with plaintiffs claiming that defendant-companies have wrongfully captured and shared biometric identifiers and information in violation of the statute. BIPA seeks to safeguard individuals’ biometric identifiers and information by requiring that companies comply with privacy guidelines when obtaining private personal data such as an individual’s face geometry, fingerprints or other unique biometric identifier. For example, it has become common practice for companies to enroll employees and customers into database systems that utilize a fingerprint scan for various purposes ranging from identification and account management to employee time keeping. However, when a company fails to adhere to BIPA regulations, questions arise as to the extent of their liability and whether insurance coverage extends to claims sounding in BIPA violations. More »

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