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The Uniform Commercial Code May Not Be So Uniform After All: Looking to the U.C.C. as a Defense to Class Certification


The Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.). You know the one. That sectioned charter originally enacted with the goal of unifying the laws governing sales and commercial transactions across all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. territories? The one that provides recommendations to the states as to the laws that each particular state should adopt? It turns out that –even for all of the states that have adopted the UCC--the “uniform” part of the Code’s title might just be a misnomer . . . and one that might actually provide a defense to businesses defending against class certification. More »

A Plug For Home Warranties


“Can a home warranty fast track the sale of your home.”  A recent article in the Lodi (CA) News-Sentinel under the headline:  Some buyers see great value in home warranties. It’s refreshing to see an article associating a home warranty with value. Too often, home warranties, extended warranties and service contracts are portrayed — inaccurately — as a waste of money. More »

“Reptile” – Revolutionary Breakthrough or Good Old-fashioned Clever Lawyering?


Proponents of the “Reptile Theory” claim it has produced $6 billion in jury verdicts and settlements for plaintiff’s in personal injury litigation since 2009. They say it derives from research by neuroscientists into brain organization and function, taps into jurors’ basic survival instinct, and “is revolutionizing the way the trial attorneys approach and win their cases.” While many doubt its scientific basis, defendants who have encountered the theory in litigation do not dispute its effectiveness.

So how to combat the Reptile? More »

Do product makers need a social media crisis response plan?


Social media’s popularity and reach have grown rapidly and exponentially in the last several years. The prospect of a negative incident or situation going viral poses a real reputational risk to product makers, and so, too, to their bottom lines. More »

Inaccuracy Can Equal Liabilty: Does your “extended warranty” extend a warranty?


Companies and retailers selling service contracts often refer to their product as an “extended warranty.”   Doing so may result in liability if the contract does not  actually extend the terms or coverage provided under the manufacturer’s warranty. More »

In Washington, Getting Registered is a Small Price to Pay to Protect Your Service Contracts Business and Reputation


Washington is vigilant about policing and enforcing its service contract laws.   Selling contracts there without being registered puts a company at risk of costly and reputation-damaging enforcement proceedings and exposes its shareholders, officers, directors, agents, and employees to personal liability.   A unregistered  company  has essentially two options:   (1) stop selling and hope no problems arise before the contracts run out, or (2)  ‘fess up, pay a fine, get registered, and get back to business. More »

Know When The Removal Clock Starts Running, Your Fate May Depend On It


For a defendant,  ‘removing ‘ a case that is, taking a case filed in a state court and moving it over to a federal court may be the most critical step taken in the case.   Often times it makes the difference between winning and losing.   This is because in a federal forum, legal standards are generally more rigorous and defendants are more likely to get a receptive hearing. More »

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