Product Liability: Effective Litigation Tools and Techniques


Segal McCambridge Chicago Shareholder Paul Wojcicki and Chicago Associate Dan Ahasay spoke on "Product Liability: Effective Litigation Tools and Techniques" for a Knowledge Group webinar on Thursday, April 4, 2019.

Mr. Wojcicki and Mr. Ahasay focused their presentation on three key areas impacting products liability litigation: the need to effectively tell your client’s story at trial; understanding and applying amended FRE 702’s reliability standard, and an introduction to the Reptile Theory being employed by plaintiff’s nationwide. They offer insights and practice tips for developing persuasive trial presentations, effectively advancing and defending against “Daubert” arguments, and avoiding being consumed by the Reptile. Over 95% of the webinar attendees rated the presentation as excellent.

Key Topics Include:

  • Element of effective story telling
  • Insights into reaching the “Millennial Juror”
  • Effective use of media at trial
  • The core principles underlying amended FRE 702
  • Preparing for an encounter with The Reptile

Click to see the full "Product Liability: Effective Litigation Tools and Techniques" PowerPoint.

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