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Federal Cyber Security Reform Stalled


It began with Target, then Sony and, most recently, Anthem.  Today’s corporations face a new threat by a faceless enemy. Not only do data breaches invade the privacy of millions of Americans, but a breach is incredibly costly, both for the company that is hacked as well as financial institutions. The 2014 Sony breach cost the company an estimated $15 million dollars1, and the Target security breach is estimated to have cost banks and credit unions more than $200 million2. The costs of the Anthem hack remain to be seen3. More »

I Know Where You Were Last Summer: Using More Than Just Facebook to Investigate Pending Claims


In other articles, we have discussed the importance of obtaining social media data in pre-suit investigations and how to conduct social media discovery in pending litigation. As we discussed there, photographs, video and the like information can all be used for evidentiary purposes to demonstrate state of mind, the existence of mental or cognitive disabilities (or the lack thereof) and the level of activity enjoyed by a litigant.  In those articles, we have focused primarily on recovering such evidence from Facebook since it is one of the most prevalently used social media platforms and permits users to download (at least arguably) the most helpful data. However, Facebook is not the only source of social media data and any thorough investigation should also involve identifying and requesting photographs, video, status updates or comments from other social media platforms. More »

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