Shareholder Paul Wojcicki to Chair Third Annual Conference on Warranty and Service Contracts


Palmer House, Chicago, IL
September 21-23, 2016

Segal McCambridge Chicago Shareholder Paul Wojcicki will serve as the chairman of the Third Annual GWSCA  Conference on Warranty and Service Contracts. Mr. Wojcicki has chaired the conference every year and is currently the secretary of GWSCA. 

The conference will include dozens of speakers on topics ranging from connecting with customers to service contract revenue. Dr. Phil Hendrix, founder and managing director of immr, will deliver the keynote address on "Engaging Connected Consumers in the Era of Smart Products."

Mr. Wojcicki works with companies to refine, revise or wholly rewrite their warranty statements and other program documents; educate and train company personnel involved with day-to-day claim-administration and investigation, and navigate regulatory waters that at times can be quite murky. He also manages, a warranty and service contract blog, and the Warranty Defense Counsel LinkedIn Group.

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