Shareholder Paul E. Wojcicki To Present on Strategies for Defending Against "Reptile Theory"


'Combating Plaintiffs' Use of the "Reptile Theory" Litigation Strategy'

Clear Law Institute
October 13, 2017

Chicago Shareholder Paul E. Wojcicki will present a webinar entitled "Combating Plaintiffs' Use of the 'Reptile Theory' Litigation Strategy' on October 13, 2017.' Mr. Wojcicki will present an explanation on why this newer plaintiffs' strategy can increase a case's settlement value and damages awards and will stress how a customized and focused defense from the outset of the case can greatly diminish the impact of the 'Reptile Theory's' offering in the case. By the conclusion of the webinar, Mr. Wojcicki will have offered attendees a blueprint, of sorts, for navigating through such a case, including identification of a case wrought with a 'Reptile Theory' strategy, appropriate and timely responses to such a case, steps for timely neutralizing or reducing the impact and effectiveness of the theory, assisting defense witnesses in an understanding of such a case and the manner in which to address the theory before the judge and the jury. The webinar is sponsored by the Clear Law Institute. To register for the webinar, click here.

Paul E. Wojcicki is a Shareholder in the firm's Chicago office and serves as Chair of the firm's Warranty Practice Group. As a seasoned trial attorney, Mr. Wojcicki has experience litigating complex commercial and consumer disputes, including class actions, products liability claims, and warranty and service contract actions. Based in Chicago, he represents companies large and small across a wide variety of industry sectors in state and federal trial and appellate courts across the country. Mr. Wojcicki is frequently called upon to present on strategies related to the "Reptile Theory,' Daubert standards and other litigation issues.