Bautista and Higginbotham Invited to Contribute to NBI Toxic Tort Video


March 25, 2014

On March 25, 2014, Segal McCambridge associate attorneys Jason Higginbotham and Adam Bautista recently presented A Paralegal’s Guide to Toxic Tort Litigation for the Institute for Paralegal Education, a division of the National Business Institute in Eau Claire, WI. Mr. Higginbotham and Mr. Bautista both presented two one-hour discussions on various aspects of toxic tort litigation for use in a comprehensive video now available to paralegals seeking continuing legal education.  

Mr. Higginbotham first presented “Toxic Torts: An Overview,” in which he discussed the various types of toxic torts, the theories of liability, the burdens of proof, and various litigation strategies commonly employed in toxic tort cases.  He also discussed “Toxic Tort Investigations,” which included an analysis of the validity of complaints, a plaintiff’s personal history, strategies to be implemented in the review of records and resources for external information related to toxic tort litigation. 

 Mr. Bautista discussed “Interviews and Witnesses,” which provided an overview of the key witness to include in a toxic tort matter, methods for covering the bases with expert witnesses, tips for finding experts and determining the strengths and weaknesses of witnesses through interviews.  Mr. Bautista’s second presentation, “Ethics,” discussed an analysis of liability associated with drafting legal documents, rules of professional conduct, confidential information of a client, the unauthorized practice of law by paralegals and conflicts of interest.

A Paralegal’s Guide to Toxic Tort Litigation is available for CLE credit. Visit National Business Institute to learn more.