Segal McCambridge Partner, Lawrence D. Mason, Becomes Loss Executives Association Member


March 6, 2008

Segal McCambridge partner, Lawrence D. Mason, has become a member of the Loss Executives Association, the leading Property Insurance Claims executive organization in the industry.

Founded over 75 years ago, the Loss Executives Association (LEA) provides a forum for discussion, study and consideration of common loss adjustment problems to explore options and alternatives  It is the LEA's belief that a better understanding of such problems is the ultimate goal of the educational process.

The LEA presents this education in a number of ways that are useful to insurance industry professionals:

  • semi-annual conferences in Winter and Spring/ Summer
  • sponsorship of the National Forum and scholarship programs

Influencing Industry Practices
One of the most important roles the leaders in the LEA play is influencing industry practices. Many years ago, they helped develop the "The Guiding Principles" for Property Professionals. They also developed the drafting and standardization of the "Proof of Loss" form. These are probably tools you use regularly. Currently under consideration are industry guidelines for managing allocated loss adjustment expenses.