Segal McCambridge Attorneys Win Client Relief from $500,000+ Judgment in Disputed Disclosure Matter


September 17, 2009

A worldwide manufacturer of residential and commercial heating and cooling systems with revenues in excess of $6 billion dollars engaged Segal McCambridge to seek relief from a $585,000 judgment. While pursuing all avenues of negotiation and settlement, our attorneys also identified a procedural mistake the plaintiff had made in the proceedings leading to the judgment.

When the plaintiff refused to acknowledge their mistake and agree to set aside the judgment, our attorneys filed and successfully argued a Motion for Relief from Judgment, and a Motion for Reimbursement for our client's costs. At a subsequent evidentiary hearing to determine costs the court ruled that 100% of Segal McCambridge's time was reasonable and necessary, and awarded it to our client. Due in part to our well documented efforts to resolve the dispute without judicial intervention, the court also awarded future attorney fees and costs resulting in no attorney fees or costs for the client.

Catherine Goldhaber led Segal McCambridge's efforts in this case, assisted by Eric Conn and Michael Pieknik.