Segal McCambridge Attorneys, John Kohnke and Chad Layton, Have Been Invited to Become Featured Speakers at the Golden Rule Risk Control Workshop


September 14, 2007

Segal McCambridge attorneys, John Kohnke and Chad Layton, have been invited to become featured speakers at the Golden Rule Risk Control Workshop to be held on September 18-19, 2007 at the Four Points Hotel, Schiller Park, IL.

Mr. Kohnke and Mr. Layton's presentation is entitled, "The Dos and Don'ts of the Hiring Process: How to Minimize the Risk of Litigation."

Topics will include:

The pre-interview process:

- Issues to consider when soliciting employment candidates

- Preparing the employment application

- Basic information to include in the application

- Specific issues to consider regarding the application

- Language to be included in the application

- Preparing for the interview

The interview itself

- Who should conduct the interview?

- Main areas of potential discrimination (i.e., does the applicant fall into a protected class?)

- Potential Danger areas

- Age

- National Origin

- Sex

- Religion

- Disability

- Things to ask during the interview.

- Are lie detectors or recording devices permissible?

- What to do with aggressive candidates who may ask about your hiring and firing practices, the number of protected class members you employ, etc.

The post-interview process:

- What are appropriate follow up steps to take? (i.e., are criminal background checks permissible; what questions can an employer ask of references and prior employers?).

- What documentation is important?

- The decision to hire or not to hire.

- What to do if you suspect a candidate may sue for discrimination

Conclusion: When in doubt, always consult a lawyer!

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