Segal McCambridge Prevails in Complex Educator Liability Case


August 23, 2013

In a very sensitive case involving a myriad of federal and state law issues, Segal McCambridge attorneys Megan Grossman and Ryan Gatto secured a ruling in favor of their client after four days of testimony at an administrative hearing.

Before a closed hearing, Ms. Grossman and Mr. Gatto were able to defeat the claims that their client violated federal and state laws including, the IDEA, the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, No Child Left Behind, and Pennsylvania statutes.  Claimant sought damages in law and equity that could have exceeded $350,000 including attorneys’ fees. After extensive cross examination of claimant and her expert, Ms. Grossman succeeded in receiving a finding that questioned the credibility of claimant and gave meager weight to the testimony of the expert. Mr. Gatto challenged the expert in a motion to exclude that was denied, but its purpose effectuated by the holding.  Mr. Gatto prepared and Ms. Grossman adeptly defended their client’s employees. Through Ms. Grossman’s skilled direct and re-cross, she was able to demonstrate that the employees’ professional judgment and expertise were more than adequate to provide the services required under federal and state law.

In her closing, Ms. Grossman effectively argued that the claimant’s actions barred recovery and that Segal McCambridge’s client was improperly forced to address issues that were not covered under the jurisdiction of the proceeding. The decision handed down by the agency absolved Ms. Grossman’s and Mr. Gatto’s client of all liability. 

Ms. Grossman, a shareholder in Segal McCambridge's Philadelphia office, concentrates her trial practice in matters including products liability, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, general liability, and commercial liability matters. Ms. Grossman also has extensive experience in the areas of regulatory defense. Mr. Gatto, an associate attorney in the Philadelphia office, concentrates his practice in matters including regulatory defense, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, products liability, and commercial liability matters.