Segal McCambridge Partner, Christian H. Gannon, Will Be a Featured Speaker at American Conference Institute's (ACI) Resolving Mass Tort Products Liability Claims


January 11, 2007

Segal McCambridge partner, Christian H. Gannon, will be a featured speaker at American Conference Institute's (ACI) Resolving Mass Tort Products Liability Claims, to be held on March 28-29, 2007 at the Park Central New York Hotel, New York, NY.

Mr. Gannon will be presenting on the topic entitled, "Establishing the Right Mix of Settlement Versus Litigation: Are Bellwether Trials Friends or Foes?," where he will address:

- Determining whether to try a few cases to set a benchmark or whether any trial is too dangerous

- will one bad verdict have a massive affect?
- is early resolution without trial the best route?

- Early identification of bellwether cases from strongest to weakest: which cases should proceed first?
- Selecting bellwether cases to come up with an indication of what cases are worth to facilitate settlement negotiations
- Structuring a bellwether case so it is realistically susceptible to settlement discussions
- The initial cases:

- the judge: will he/she try bellwether cases; how will he/she hear and decide Daubert motions; will he/she be bogged down in irrelevant diversion?
- how to go about doing discovery in these cases: prepare a proactive discovery strategy
- defending each case in a normal way to assess settlement values through discovery and review of documents that will show what the injuries are
- gathering and getting a handle on documents, especially in the e-discovery age, and ensuring you're not missing anything so your story is told (through witnesses and documents)

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