Chief Prosecutor Against Enron Corp. Discusses Winning Strategy


September 11, 2007

Sean Berkowitz, chief prosecutor and former Director of the Enron Task Force, discussed trial techniques in a presentation given at Segal McCambridge's Chicago office on Tuesday, August 28.

More than 40 attorneys in the Chicago office, as well as attorneys in each of the other offices, attended the presentation to gain insight into techniques about confronting a high profile, complex case and how to prepare.

Partner Donald Segal said, "We are pleased that Sean appeared and shared his experience as lead prosecutor in one of the most important cases in recent years. We as trial lawyers benefited from his discussion of trial strategy and his skillful cross examination of Jeffrey Skilling. And we all have a greater appreciation of the importance of thorough preparation and commitment."

Mr. Berkowitz's presentation focused on the challenges that the prosecution faced during trial and how each challenge was overcome. The prosecution dealt with over one million pages of Enron documents. In addition, the Government faced the reluctance of several Enron executives to provide cooperation in light of their potential criminal exposure. He highlighted key points of the trial, noting especially the cross examination of Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, both of whom were formidable witnesses.

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