Employment Law Newsletter - Winter 2007, Vol. 2 Issue 1

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January 1, 2007

In today's workplace environment, electronic mail has become an indispensable mode of communication. Its benefits are many. However, as with all technological advancements, its availability creates opportunities for misuse and, by extension, the potential for liability claims. In our first article, Pete Swayze and Patricia
Baxter discuss pro-active measures that employers can implement to guard against liabilities arising from the inappropriate use of the company's electronic mail system.

Our second article examines the respective rights and responsibilities of employers, employees, and job applicants under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which outlaws discrimination in the workplace against disabled individuals who can perform their essential job functions. When is a person deemed "disabled" and hence entitled to statutory protection? Under what circumstances must an employer provide "reasonable accommodation"? What if such accommodation poses undue hardship for the employer? Maria Menotti addresses these and other key issues in her discussion of the ADA in the workplace – what every employer should know.

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