How Facebook Can Bolster Pre-Suit Investigations

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Corporate Counsel
January 29, 2015

The dawn of the computer age brought with it a dramatic shift in the manner in which we communicate with one another. Professional conversations that were previously made in-person, like client meetings, business proposals and job interviews, now, often take place remotely using a smartphone or web camera. Indeed, many businesses have moved to installing chat software on their computers to facilitate conversation between employees in the same office.

It should come as no surprise then that the manner in which we communicate in our personal lives also has changed dramatically. In no place is that more evident than online social media, which have enjoyed meteoric rise in popularity over the past decade. In fact, the average American spends 7.6 hours per month engaging in communication via social media. The prevalence of social media clearly has changed the way in which we communicate with one another, and now it is changing the way that risk managers and insurance companies can investigate claims.