Crossing Your Fingers Isn’t a Plan   

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Why Companies Need to Anticipate Cyber Incidents From All Departments, Not Just IT

Sync Magazine
March 2016

Gone are the days when adding special characters to passwords was the height of Internet security procedures. In today’s hacker-hungry world, businesses that adopt the “not ‘if’ but ‘when’” philosophy toward cyber incidents are the ones with a chance at surviving them.

Most IT professionals understand this, but the reality is that they’re almost powerless to prevent and manage an attack if the entire company isn’t on board with the right plan.

Chad Layton is a shareholder and attorney at national law firm Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney, which has offices in eight US cities. He specializes in representing technology companies and advises all types of companies in how to manage cyber risk from a legal perspective, including how to create and then implement a detailed cyber incident plan. The difference between a company surviving and going bankrupt, according to Layton, often comes down to how it responds to a breach.

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