Employment Law Newsletter - Spring 2008, Vol. 3 Issue 2

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May 1, 2008

We extend a warm welcome to our new Texas partner, and newest contributing author, Elizabeth Marsh. In our lead article, Elizabeth discusses recent FMLA amendments benefitting military families and outlines several additional regulatory changes currently under the Department of Labor's scrutiny.

Matt Colavita follows with an examination of Sarnowski v. Air Brooke Limousine, Inc. and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals' view regarding the legal sufficiency of an employee's informal request for FMLA leave.

Next, Peter Strelitz, Arturo Aviles and I summarize the Supreme Court's 2008Mendelsohn, Holowecki, and Preston opinions, which address, respectively, the admissibility of so-called "me-too" evidence, the essentials for an ADEA "charge," and the superceding authority of the Federal Arbitration Act in disputes over the validity of personal services contracts containing all-inclusive arbitration clauses.

Finally, Tasos Foukas and I look at a recent Illinois appellate court decision addressing the thorny issue whether an employer can convert a long-time employee having vested contract rights into an at-will employee by unilaterally re-writing its employee handbook.

Thank you for your continuing readership and feedback.

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