Occupational Accident/Workers' Compensation


Segal McCambridge attorneys provide a variety of services to employers, insurers, self-insured businesses, and third-party claim administrators before arbitrators, commissioners, and appellate courts in multiple jurisdictions throughout the United States. Our experienced defense team has addressed nearly every type of injury arising out of workplace injury claims seeking compensation for fatalities, permanent disability, and partial disability, as well as claims involving fraudulent circumstances. 

We aggressively protect the interests of multiple industries in all stages of the claims process from initial evaluation of an occupational related injury through all aspects of litigation, including arbitration, settlement, and appeal. Segal McCambridge attorneys partner closely with clients to explore opportunities for resolving these cases outside the context of a formal proceeding before a state-run commission. This approach often leads to superior results for the client, more expedient case resolutions, and reduced legal fees.

As Respondents’ counsel, we are sensitive to the “big picture” implications of employers. We understand that the effect of an individual claimant’s compensation petition may have broader significance to our clients’ overall business. We additionally provide risk management and insurance coverage assistance to our clients to develop proactive, cost-effective strategies to reduce the risk of workplace injury claims.