Accountant Liability


In the wake of the credit crisis and prevalence of financial scandals, accounting firms are facing exposure to tremendous potential liability from an increased number of lawsuits.

When confronting litigation, accountants, their firms and insurers need guidance from lawyers who understand accounting practices, professional standards, the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury regulations, and can aggressively defend their interests during settlement negotiations and in court.

Comprehensive Experience and the Right Skill Set

With decades of experience,  Segal McCambridge professional liability lawyers have litigated accountant liability cases, defending against claimed negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, ethics violations, and violations of the standard of care pertaining to tax, accounting and auditing practices.

Fluent in tax, auditing rules and standards affecting accountants and experienced with all of the various tax, auditing and financial statements, we have the legal experience and industry knowledge needed to effectively protect our clients against the charges they face and to help them preserve their reputation.   

Preventive Services

Recognizing that liability can often be avoided through proper risk management, we offer clients proactive advice on professional responsibilities, file management, data protection, conflict checks, and professional liability policies, coverage and claims issues. We stay current on GAAP, GAAS, tax law, insurance and other developments and changes impacting the industry to assure our clients are well informed and prepared for the future.