Admiralty & Maritime Litigation

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Admiralty and Maritime litigation is a centuries-old practice area that can favor passengers and crew. Lawyers defending against these claims must not only be cognizant of that legal history but must also be well versed in the defenses available and be willing and able to apply them. With more than 75 years of combined experience and legal acumen, the lawyers at Segal McCambridge have a proven record of favorable summary judgments and verdicts in state and federal trial and appellate courts.

Our experience varies widely – we successfully handle cargo claims, arrests of commercial vessels, passenger and crew sexual assault claims, complex Jones Act claims involving medical care and treatment, mass infectious disease claims, food poisoning claims, and maintenance and cure litigation, to name a few.

Steadfast commitment to our clients is always accompanied by tireless preparation, a deep knowledge of maritime and admiralty law and skillful advocacy. We have consistently employed these attributes for a wide range of clients from the largest cruise line and container companies in the world to mid-sized cruise owners, operators and concessionaires and small private yacht owners. All of our clients, large and small, are afforded our time, talent and abilities for the best resolution possible.

Beyond the courtroom, we work hand in hand with clients, advising on real time decisions that may prevent or impact future litigation. We work closely with clients and bring the full breadth and depth of our knowledge to limit liability and manage risk.