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Asbestos Litigation

Throughout the years, manufacturers of asbestos-containing products and their insurers have paid billions in damages and settlements. With thousands of asbestos-related cases and claims filed annually, defendants are faced with the need to hire counsel to handle claims in multiple jurisdictions.  Further, plaintiffs have expanded their theories of liability and are seeking and winning damages from a wider variety of potential defendants, including premises owners, distributors, installers and contractors. They are also winning punitive damages awards.

Faced with potentially devastating liability exposure, businesses and their insurers need counsel with comprehensive knowledge of the law and government regulations, asbestos expertise and courtroom skill. They need a firm with the experience and resources to manage even the most complex cases on a national basis, a firm that is respected by the plaintiff’s bar, a firm that knows how to win high-stakes, bet-the-company cases.

Nationally recognized as a leader in asbestos defense and highly regarded for our vast asbestos knowledge and proven record of success, Segal McCambridge has made asbestos litigation a major focus for more than 28 years, defending asbestos-related claims for Fortune 500 companies, major manufacturers, premises owners and insurers since the late 1980s. We have tried more than 80 asbestos cases to verdict and have proceeded to trial more than 150 times, serving as national coordination and trial counsel as well as regional, local and expert development counsel.

The Segal McCambridge Difference

Our Asbestos Litigation team not only knows the science, medicine and law, we possess the extensive resources and experience to vigorously and effectively defend high-risk asbestos cases in and out of court. Our lawyers regularly handle class actions, MDL 875 and multiparty cases, product liability and premises liability claims, consolidated cases, enormous cases involving up to 20,000 claims, simultaneous litigation in state and federal courts and virtually every other scenario imaginable. Often we are called in to take over particularly contentious cases on short notice. We have negotiated global agreements, jurisdiction-wide agreements and individual case settlements, and when going to trial is the best course of action, our trial lawyers are particularly adept at presenting state-of-the-art, medical causation defenses and effectively arguing for risk transfer, liability sharing and even case dismissals.

All members of the asbestos litigation team, including support staff, receive extensive training regarding the medical, technical and legal aspects of each case, and the unique features of the product of each defendant, assuring cost-efficient, knowledgeable and effective service at all levels.

Segal McCambridge maintains excellent working relationships with leading trial consultants, prominent defense experts and a network of local counsel throughout the United States, enabling us to offer coordinated national counsel, avoid pitfalls, contain costs and streamline litigation. We have deposed and cross-examined every major plaintiff asbestos expert and regularly engage with the leading plaintiff’s firms. We know how they think and how they work and we are prepared to take on their challenges.

Members of our Asbestos Litigation team work closely with each client, considering the risks and determining whether pretrial resolution or litigation is the best course of action. Identifying particularly high-risk cases, we engage experts to evaluate exposure, conduct early assessments and employ creative and aggressive motions.

Tech Savvy, Cost-Effective Service

We maintain an up-to-date, trial-ready, comprehensive database of asbestos-related medical and scientific sources and expert witnesses that catalogs information and links expert depositions and trial transcripts, enabling us to readily access prior testimony of experts and documents to support and structure our clients’ defense. Armed with this extensive resource, we have the ability to hit the ground running, offering impressive results and cost-effective service.

The firm also has a secure Extranet through which we can share current case information, documents and status reports with clients based on the level of communication, sophistication and access each client desires.

We offer competitive billing rates and a variety of fee structures, aggressively control expenses and work toward offering cost predictability and value-added service.

Beyond the Courtroom

Segal McCambridge lawyers work proactively with clients, assisting with due diligence investigations and devising risk avoidance strategies, policies and best practices to limit their exposure to liability.