Carbon Monoxide


Dubbed the "silent killer" because it is colorless, odorless, nonirritating and tasteless, carbon monoxide gas is highly toxic and exposure to it is the leading cause of accidental poisoning in the United States. Not only are carbon monoxide exposure cases on the rise and garnering large damage awards, even low-level exposure cases are demanding seven-figure settlements for brain damage and cognitive impairment—awards that can bankrupt a business.

Aided by advanced imaging and neuropsychological testing, aggressive plaintiffs' lawyer are presenting high-tech evidence in support of staggering damage claims and juries are ready and willing to grant the requested awards. Targeting building owners, building associations, architects, contractors, landlords, facility managers, HVAC engineers and even equipment manufacturers when claims arise, plaintiffs’ lawyers are bringing individual actions as well as filing mass tort actions, pursuing many more and far larger cases.

Skilled Litigators

Segal McCambridge toxic tort attorneys have extensive experience litigating carbon monoxide exposure cases, and are particularly adept at defending clients in the newer, low-level exposure cases. Continually monitoring all developments associated with this emerging litigation trend, we have developed "state-of-the-art" defense strategies and close working relationships with top-tier expert witnesses. We understand the science, medicine and legal issues associated with carbon monoxide exposure, enabling us to mitigate, if not completely defeat, exposure claims. With an extensive database of experts, transcripts of their prior testimony, medical and products information and a detailed history of litigation involving carbon monoxide exposure, our lawyers are well prepared to resolve these cases effectively and cost-efficiently. Our lawyers have successfully handled individual claims as well as class actions and mass tort actions involving dozens and even hundreds of claimants.

Proactive Counsel

Recognized for their knowledge and experience, our lawyers are often called upon to speak on carbon monoxide risk avoidance and litigation topics and frequently write on related topics. Knowing that avoiding problems in the first instance is better than any defense, we offer our clients proactive guidance and training, helping them to identify and control the risk factors leading to exposure and potential liability.