Cargo Claims


The laws regarding liability for cargo loss and damage differ from those that apply to general property losses. Cargo carriers are liable without regard to negligence under bills of lading and other contracts, subject to certain defenses and liability limitations under federal and state laws. Therefore, when it comes to cargo claims, carriers and their insurers need legal guidance from a firm that knows the motor carrier industry and the particular laws applicable to cargo.

Segal McCambridge’s Transportation Group attorneys have decades of experience defending motor carriers, warehousemen, and their insurers in courts at all levels throughout the United States. We regularly represent inland marine insurers in coverage disputes and defend their insureds. We also have extensive experience representing transportation intermediaries, including brokers and logistics providers, with regard to negligent selection and retention of motor carriers, as well as cargo loss or damage claims and contract disputes.

We have litigated a wide variety of cargo-related claims including:

  • Coverages under inland marine insurance policies
  • Cargo loss and damage liability
  • Damage to general commodities, heavy machinery, household goods, fine arts and other types of high-value property
  • Warehouse fire losses
  • Loss of and damage to intermodal shipments
  • Liability and insurance coverage of riggers under commercial general liability insurance policies

Clients also rely on us for proactive guidance on establishing and implementing policies and practices regarding loss prevention and to review and draft transportation contracts and documents.

Our lawyers frequently conduct programs for insurance company clients and their insureds, addressing liability and coverage concerns, risk management strategies and matters arising in their day-to-day operations.

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