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We provide coverage analysis and dispute resolution services to primary, excess and umbrella insurers through a nationwide network of experienced attorneys who serve as counselors and advocates regarding a myriad of insurance products and issues. At Segal McCambridge, we understand that an outside law firm's role in a coverage matter must be tailored not only to the specific issues involved, but also to the nature of the assignment we are asked to undertake. We know that when our clients turn to us for advice on complex coverage matters, they expect a clear, thorough, and objective analysis, not an ambivalent academic discussion packed with disclaimers that render it virtually meaningless, or an unrealistic, adversarial assessment that will only lead to unproductive litigation. And for those cases in which litigation is unavoidable, our clients appreciate our ability to bring the same skill, experience and aggressive approach to the handling of a declaratory judgment action that we employ in all other areas of our successful litigation practice.