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Segal McCambridge attorneys know that the Food and Beverage industry is constantly evolving. The marketplace is global, diverse and competitive, and companies within the industry need to be nimble and innovative to survive and compete. Retailers are evolving into grocers, and chefs are transforming menus and meals to be served online. Consumers are proactive, knowledgeable, challenging and more litigious than ever before. There has been a shift toward locally sourced food created under humane conditions; natural and organic products; and clear and concise labeling.  This evolution in consumer demand presents major growth opportunities for companies that successfully harness new trends. This changing landscape also presents risks for companies that do not conform to current expectations.

We understand there is a need for safe and efficient food technology, solutions regarding food waste and sustainability. Controversy over genetically modified ingredients and the politics of nutrition play a major role in the volatile world of legislation and regulation. Increasingly, regulators oversee how food and beverage products are safely manufactured, distributed and marketed and how they are situated within the marketplace. Further, the requirements of the new Food Safety Modernization Act, deficient workforce training, technology changes (such as ingredient tracking), improved testing for common pathogens and detection of foodborne illnesses and other issues present new challenges.

Our attorneys also recognize that food and beverage challenges do not end there, because the industry remains in flux with new entrants, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, franchise agreements, real estate deals, financing projects, protection of intellectual property and all manner of litigation. Our knowledge and understanding of the industry, its trends and its challenges, as well as the regulatory environment helps us to proactively protect our clients from adverse legal consequences and business risks.

Segal McCambridge attorneys understand these challenges and are experienced in making these complex issues simple and our clients’ success achievable.


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