Lead Poisoning

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Absorbed into the body through paint chip, dust and soil ingestion, lead has been linked to a host of adult illnesses and child-related neurological problems, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities/developmental delays, speech problems, low I.Q. and permanent brain damage.

Due to the dangers posed by lead exposure, the Center for Disease Central and Prevention has made lead poisoning prevention a major priority and heightened awareness of lead dangers has attracted the attention and resources plaintiffs’ firms. Defending these cases requires deep knowledge of the sciences and medical issues, litigation skill and the ability to resolve cases on a national scale.

The Segal McCambridge Difference

Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney possesses the critical experience and necessary resources to successfully litigate lead poisoning cases. Our Toxic Tort Litigation team not only knows the science, medicine and law, we possess the extensive resources and experience to aggressively and effectively defend lead exposure cases in and out of court.

Representing landlords, property managers and lead pigment manufacturers, we defend our clients in cases involving children’s exposure to lead-based paints in older homes, cases brought based on adult lead exposure in battery plants, claims by lead smelters who use lead in processing operations and claims by others such as painters, welders and laborers in gasoline refineries and the copper and chemical industries. Beyond injury to people, property damage claims filed by state government agencies seeking reimbursement for lead paint abatement are becoming more common, and our attorneys are experienced resolving those claims as well.

Extensive Experience

Our lawyers regularly handle class actions, multidistrict and multiparty cases, product liability, premises liability claims, disability and workers’ compensation claims, consolidated cases, and simultaneous litigation in federal and state courts throughout the United States. All members of our Toxic Tort Litigation team, including support staff, receive extensive training regarding the medical, technical and legal aspects of each case, assuring cost-efficient, knowledgeable and effective service at all levels. Maintaining excellent working relationships with leading trial consultants, prominent defense experts and a network of local counsel across the country, we offer coordinated national counsel, avoid pitfalls, contain costs and streamline litigation.

Tech Savvy, Cost-Effective Representation

We maintain a comprehensive database of lead-related government, medical and scientific sources and expert witnesses that catalogs information and links expert depositions and trial transcripts, enabling us to readily access prior testimony of experts and documents to support and structure our clients’ defense. Armed with this information, we consult with the leading experts in pediatric neurology, neuropsychology, toxicology and geochemistry to structure the best defense, offering impressive results and cost-effective service.