Medical & Dental Malpractice

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The lawyers of Segal McCambridge understand the complex nature of medical and dental care, and provide the expertise to successfully defend claims of malpractice by simplifying difficult concepts for juries and judges.

Our in-depth knowledge of the issues and our strategic capabilities enable our experienced team of trial attorneys and paralegals to build strong, comprehensive defenses resulting in successful outcomes for our clients. We also have access to a network of leading medical consultants and an extensive database of literature, experts and case law.

Our attorneys have represented physicians, hospitals, nurses, dentists and other healthcare providers in a variety of claims. We recently successfully argued before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in a seminal medical malpractice case concerning the issue of informed consent for a non-invasive medical procedure. And we successfully defended hundreds of physicians throughout the country in cases involving the prescription of anorectic drugs.

The lawyers of Segal McCambridge are ready to defend your medical and dental malpractice claims.