Mercury Poisoning


Mercury exposure can occur over time and in a variety of ways, including through breathing contaminated air, ingesting food or water containing mercury, during the course of medical or dental treatments, and in industrial settings. Injuries associated with mercury exposure include brain damage, autism and learning disabilities, as well as damage to the nervous system and kidneys, making mercury-poisoning prevention a top EPA priority.

Faced with strict EPA guidelines and enforcement efforts regarding exposure limits and safety protocols, complicated by the many potential sources of exposure and potentially devastating liability, having well informed, highly experienced counsel to advise on and defend against liability claims has never been more important.

Leading Litigators

Recognized as a leader in toxic tort defense, Segal McCambridge is well versed in the laws and regulations concerning environmental protection and the various medical issues and claims that arise regarding exposure to mercury. Our attorneys have successfully litigated many complex mercury poisoning cases, vigorously defending against personal injury, death, failure to warn, property damage, property value diminution and insurance coverage claims, among others.

We have represented a wide variety of parties, including premises owners, product manufacturers, coal-fired power plants, distributors, suppliers, steel plants, gold producers, waste disposal sites, human crematoria and battery manufacturing, and their insurers. Working closely with experts in fields such as toxicology, epidemiology, neurology and industrial hygiene, we explore the legitimacy of diagnoses and treatment claims, call into question total disability claims, aggressively cross-examine claimant expert witnesses, investigate exposure claims, develop alternative theories of liability and argue for risk shifting, risk transfer and liability sharing.

From pre-trial discovery through trial and any necessary appeals, our lawyers have litigated all varieties of mercury poisoning cases and are adept at presenting state-of-the-art, medical causation defenses.

Tech Savvy, Cost-Effective Service

Our firm maintains an up-to-date, comprehensive database of medical and scientific sources and expert witnesses that includes links to expert depositions and trial transcripts. Utilizing this extensive resource, we are able to offer impressive results and cost-effective service.

Providing Strategic Risk Avoidance Advice

Recognizing that avoidance is better than any defense, we conduct risk assessments and advice on regulatory compliance, safety protocols, best practices to limit mercury exposure and potential liability, as well as advise on insurance coverage options, claims management and adjustment.