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A "professional" is, by definition, a person engaged in a calling that requires specialized knowledge and skill, usually gained through long, intensive academic preparation or other training. Knowledge, skill, status and experience, however, do not insulate professionals from being sued. If anything, their elevated stature within today's litigious society makes them ready targets for plaintiffs eager to challenge in court the appropriateness of their professional decisions, advice and activities.

To successfully represent a professional client, an attorney must possess an in-depth knowledge and understanding of his client's chosen profession, the rules and regulations that govern the profession and the standards of care to which the professional is held. Regardless of the profession at issue, the attorney must effectively communicate and explain to a judge and jury the complexities, intricacies, nuances and risks attendant to the professional's role in providing service or otherwise interacting with other individuals.

Segal McCambridge attorneys possess the experience necessary to successfully defend professional clients in both the public and private sectors. Our team of trial and appellate attorneys has compiled an impressive track record of winning outcomes on behalf of professionals in numerous fields.