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Social media is constantly evolving, offering great business opportunities including the ability to reach a global marketplace quickly and cheaply. Although companies and their employees have embraced social networking sites, blogs, search engines, and social media applications, using them for branding, research, and business development presents privacy and reputation management concerns, liability risks and a host of other challenges.

Offering Integrated Service and Innovative Solutions

Navigating new technologies, limiting liability risk and optimizing opportunities require broad-based knowledge across many legal and business disciplines. Recognizing that many of the issues raised by social media involve business and employment issues, privacy concerns, intellectual property protection, and marketing and advertising knowledge, Segal McCambridge lawyers draw on their knowledge and experience in each of these areas to provide integrated service and innovative solutions.

Public and private, domestic and foreign companies seek our guidance on a broad range of social media issues, including online behavioral advertising (OBA), trademark protection, privacy, branding and brand protection, confidential and proprietary information, reputation management and employment issues.

Providing Strategic Risk Management Advice

We regularly assist clients with identifying and managing the risks of employee social media use and advise on the establishment of social media guidelines and policies. Our skilled team of litigators handle all types of claims that may arise, including defamation, intellectual property infringement, and breach of confidentiality and privacy protections, among others. We also provide client training to create an awareness of how social media behaviors impact litigation and assist in developing protocols for social media investigations, including strategies for investigating litigants and witnesses, securing discovery, handling documentation and retaining records in anticipation of litigation. Our lawyers remain current on the latest developments related to technologies and the use of social media and have spoken and written extensively on these developments, as well as on effective strategies related to social media use.