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Segal McCambridge attorneys have been successful at limiting the risks faced by our clients for almost three decades. Over time, our clients’ needs change, and with technological change often comes new risks and novel exposures. Today, businesses are operating more efficiently and more globally than ever. The speed with which information is stored and transferred continues to drive competition in today’s business world where companies electronically process, transmit and store voluminous amounts of private, specialized and trade secret information. In this technologically-driven business climate, our clients face greater cyber liability exposure than ever before. Faced with the constant threat of both internal and external data and privacy breaches, our clients rely on Segal McCambridge to implement policies and plans designed to prevent and ultimately minimize loss if faced with a breach. 

Without borders in cyberspace, cybercriminals may gain access to private data from anywhere at any time, a constant legal concern to our clients at all corporate levels. High level board members and C-suite officers now need to be involved in the vigilant internal and external protection of corporate information and the process of designing a cyber breach avoidance and response plan. Our corporate clients now necessarily place a high priority on the importance of cyber protection and the minimization of cyber risk, an area of concern once left to software systems and IT departments. Segal McCambridge attorneys work in tandem with IT department personnel to provide legal services to our corporate clients from the top down. These counseling services are designed to ensure that corporate decision-makers are equipped with the knowledge and direction necessary to plan for the best practices management of electronic information. Our attorneys proactively address these risks and potential exposures to ensure that appropriate systems and plans are in place to minimize risks. Safeguarding our clients’ information systems, their most valuable assets, is at the core of our focus. We provide our loss minimization and litigation counsel should such a breach occur.

Our attorneys are prepared to prospectively interface and collaborate with in-house counsel and information technology managers to implement cutting edge cybersecurity practices. We counsel and consult with our clients as they face the economic reality of committing more internal assets to necessarily deal with these issues. With our counsel, we envision expedited corporate autonomy in this area which, at this time, seems to support the importance of engaging outside counsel. We act as consultants in reviewing current systems and insurance policies to ensure maximum protection for our clients, and we are at the ready for situation management. Our attorneys keep apprised of evolving legal landscapes, regulatory changes and current trends.  We are well-versed in emerging state and federal laws mandating security compliance and reporting of cyber breaches, and counsel our clients on abiding by these mandates and recognizing their situational legal obligations and their potential consequences.

Clients in our core practice areas have become potential targets for security breaches and, because of our extensive work in these specific practice fields and our keen ability to understand our clients' business operations and recognize their needs, we are uniquely situated in our nationwide footprint to counsel our clients on taking the right steps and measures to protect their information systems before a breach occurs. We represent clients in matters related to technology, insurance, medical device, toxic tort, products liability, warranty, transportation and professional liability matters and are able to act as consultants to these clients and protect these businesses from the economic and public relations rigors associated with a potential breach. Moreover, we are at the ready in the event of such a breach as the response is equal to or more important than the well-articulated plans and policies which businesses have in place, or should have instituted. Our expansive work in these areas coupled with our firm’s own sophisticated technology capabilities allow Segal McCambridge attorneys to anticipate the needs of our clients and be able to counsel them appropriately.