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Segal McCambridge attorneys have successfully managed and limited the risks faced by our clients for more than three decades. Over time, our clients’ needs have changed, and with technological advancements, new risks have emerged. The speed with which information is stored and transferred continues to drive competition in today’s business world where companies electronically process, transmit and store voluminous amounts of private, specialized and trade secret information. In this technologically-driven business climate, our clients face greater cyber liability exposure than ever before. Mere reliance on internal IT departments is insufficient and inconsistent with industry best practices. Proper cyber risk management requires a team consisting of key internal and external personnel, as well as outside counsel. Today’s industry best practices also dictate that corporate board members as well as C-suite executives are involved in this critical area of risk management.

With companies operating more efficiently and globally than ever before, the stakes are higher and catastrophic loss- be it financial, to reputation or both- can result from a data breach. Segal McCambridge lawyers recognize the necessity of proactively preparing our clients to minimize potential future risk. Our attorneys work to develop and implement policies and procedures in key risk management areas including employee training, insurance coverage, emergency response, business partner management and – in conjunction with technology experts – implementation of state-of-the-art IT protections. These counseling services are designed to ensure that corporate decision-makers are equipped with the knowledge and direction necessary to manage cyber risk. Segal McCambridge represents clients in matters related to technology, insurance, medical device, toxic tort, products liability, warranty, transportation and professional liability matters, and we are able to protect these businesses from the economic and public relations rigors associated with a potential cyber breach.

Finally, Segal McCambridge routinely represents technology companies in litigation matters, and has successfully defended technology companies that have been sued in myriad capacities. Our extensive experience in working with technology companies provides us with keen insight into the realities of business operations, which proves invaluable when defending technology companies at arbitration or trial.