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Segal McCambridge and its attorneys have defended companies and insurers involved in the transportation industry for decades. We have substantial depth in this field, at all levels and in all offices, with attorneys who understand and appreciate the unique aspects of transportation laws and the defenses. We practice daily in state and federal court defending and pursuing intermodal claims and disputes and understand the complex nature of these relationships, including the intricacies of cost sharing agreements.

Our attorneys recognize the importance of industry cargo, whether it be a shipment of international goods, vacationers aboard a mighty cruise ship or passengers in a taxi or bus. We are familiar with less than truckload (LTL) freight rates, logistics and the claims that arise out of them. We can and do recognize fraud within the industry, root it out and recover for companies afflicted by it.

Given our experience in this arena, we are well-situated to handle the most minor to catastrophic transportation claims, from the time the accident is reported to the time of verdict. We know and hire the most qualified experts in transportation, accident reconstruction and medicine for every case to best prepare our clients and their cases for trial. In this fast moving and ever-changing industry we pride ourselves on staying a step ahead, calm under pressure and able to make these complex concepts simple.