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A well-conceived, well-designed and well-run warranty or service program generates returns far beyond its cost; it builds brand, enhances reputation, drives customer satisfaction, and increases customer loyalty. But a poorly run program can seriously damage or slowly destroy a business, one disgruntled customer at a time. Successfully advancing a business’s strategic plan while managing risks, reducing exposure, maintaining regulatory compliance, and navigating disputes requires guidance from counsel well versed in the law and knowledgeable about the business realities that affect warranty and service contract programs.


Recognized nationally as a leader in the field, Segal McCambridge has been helping companies build, refine and improve their warranty and service contract programs for more than two decades. We provide a broad range of services, working with C-level executives, legal departments, and customer-service personnel at every stage of program development and implementation. Our lawyers help companies devise and formulate program policies, practices and procedures that fit their business needs and meet their objectives. We help obtain needed regulatory authorization, write and edit program documents and educate, train and motivate the employees responsible for administering the programs. And once a program goes live, we continue to provide guidance, advice and risk management counsel as new situations develop and questions arise. Additionally, we work with companies to enforce their rights under warranty and service contracts, advising on coverage issues and  resolving claims.


Whether operating exclusively in the U.S. or on an international level, companies in the service contract space face a morass of regulatory issues and requirements. While some states have adopted model legislation, others have their own regulatory schemes, rely on their insurance codes or are silent; and then there are federal laws. Regulation outside the U.S. presents equally daunting challenges. For companies doing business in multiple jurisdictions, ensuring and maintaining full regulatory compliance requires guidance from experienced, well-informed counsel able to interface with regulators to achieve the desired outcome. Segal McCambridge attorneys possess the experience, resources, and relationships necessary to effectively and efficiently guide companies through even the most confusing maze of regulations and red tape imaginable.

Warranty laws also vary across the country. But whether it’s state lemon laws, U.C.C. requirements, the federal Magnuson-Moss Act or foreign regulation, we stay current, closely monitoring proposed changes and new administrative and judicial decisions interpreting and enforcing them.


Our lawyers are also there when conflicts arise, guiding and conducting negotiations between manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and customers. When negotiations fail, our clients call on us to prosecute and defend legal actions in multiple jurisdictions. Highly experienced litigating warranty and service contract claims, including particularly complex cases, class actions and product liability cases, we possess valuable insights into the best strategies to prevent conflicts, limit business disruption, streamline litigation and minimize associated costs. And we consistently produce favorable results for our clients at trial and on appeal.