Welding Rod


Manufacturers and distributors of welding rods have been the subject of lawsuits alleging that occupational exposure to welding rod fumes caused serious neurological problems, including Parkinson’s Disease and Manganese Poisoning, also known as “Parkinson’s Syndrome.”  Plaintiffs have claimed the welding rod “industry” engaged in a conspiracy to cover up the dangers associated with welding rod use. As plaintiffs pursue multiple actions in federal and state courts, devoting significant resources to litigation, the verdicts against welding rod defendants have reverberated through the manufacturing, financial, insurance and legal sectors.

At Segal McCambridge, we have over a decade of experience successfully defending manufacturers, distributors and businesses in welding rod liability litigation.  With access to formidable state-of-the-art medical and toxicology experts, an extensive database of government regulations, legal developments and medical and scientific literature, as well as transcripts of expert testimony, we streamline litigation, contain costs and effectively defend welding rod cases.