Workers' Compensation

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When employees get injured on the job, businesses must be well prepared with a case management strategy in place. They must conduct early case evaluations, investigate to detect fraud and carefully monitor the injured employee’s recovery. What happens immediately after an injury often makes all the difference in terms of cost containment and effective resolution of claims.

Segal McCambridge attorneys are sensitive to the “big picture” implications of workers’ compensation claims and their potential impact on our clients’ businesses. We understand the importance of early case evaluation and effective case management, and we regularly assist our clients in assuring that both are handled properly.

Resolving Claims Effectively and Cost Efficiently

Our dedicated team of employment lawyers and litigators advise on and defend workers’ compensation claims for employers, insurers, self-insured businesses, and third-party claim administrators. From fraudulent claims to partial and total disability claims to catastrophic injury and death cases, our experienced defense team has addressed nearly every type of workplace injury claim. We strive to resolve matters quickly and cost effectively through litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiated settlement. Our lawyers have litigated cases in administrative proceedings as well as in federal and state courts at all levels in multiple jurisdictions throughout the United States. We routinely appear on behalf of clients before administrative judges, commissioners, the Department of Labor and other regulatory agencies.

Segal McCambridge attorneys aggressively protect businesses across industries, with extensive experience defending employers in high-risk industries like trucking, construction and healthcare. We take a hands-on approach, managing all stages of the claims process from initial evaluation of an occupational-related injury through case resolution. Working directly with claims examiners, we vigorously attack each individual claim, not just defending against liability, but also disputing medical and disability findings.

Partnering with our clients, we explore opportunities to resolve cases without a formal proceeding before a state-run commission. This approach often leads to superior results for the client, more expedient case resolutions, and reduced legal costs.

Proactive Guidance & Risk Avoidance Strategies

Our lawyers stay current on changes in workers’ compensation laws and keep our clients well informed. Through proactive risk management advice, we help our clients develop and implement cost-effective safety measures and strategies to reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries and prevent future claims. When claims arise, we offer guidance on how best to handle them and assist in processing proper forms and submissions.

Clients also rely on us for case-management guidance and insurance coverage assistance, as well as for help with handling the many related matters that arise when managing workers’ compensation claims, including ADA, COBRA, HIPAA and OSHA compliance, partial and complete disability issues, returning to work issues and employment termination.In addition, we are proficient in ensuring compliance with Medicare and CMS guidelines, including reporting and set-aside regulations.